3 old games you've played but can't remember the name of

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3 old games you've played but can't remember the name of

Postby toaster.ru » 10 Jun 2016, 09:04

The idea is simple, you've definitely played some awesome games before but for fucks sake can't recall their names. Post the game descriptions in the reply and let's get down to business!

My shot at this:

I remember playing a medieval themed game with vampires, zombies, etc. (monsters in general), the main protagonist was a guy with a crossbow, if I recon correctly, he might have had the ability to transform to a different form (like a werewolf or some shit). It wasn't a free roam like Gothic or the Witcher, it rather had some closed levels. I remember that this game's ending was in a church of some sort. Also it's story is told in both medieval and "present time". The game is definitely sub 2008, maybe even older. Has some rpg elements to it. 3rd person point of view.

Edit: as I wrote this I got the urge to search for the game myself. Got it. It's called "SHADE: WRATH OF ANGELS"
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Re: 3 old games you've played but can't remember the name of

Postby a5ad » 10 Jun 2016, 22:59

I've had that one medieval game that i played like 13 years ago and recently I finally found out which game it was.
It was some sort of modification of a game Cossacks. When I found it, ofcourse I installed it again. Such a big disappointment :?
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