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Fragkings Reunion

Postby » 27 May 2016, 22:10

(Imagine that it's read by a dwarf with Scottish-like accent. Muradin Bronzebeard for reference.)

Ladies and gentlemen, gather around,
Maintain some silence and look what I’ve found.
A book which tells an incredible story,
A tale full of dragons, power and glory!

Our heroes are bearing heavy equipment,
Shooting each other in a place so-called Shipment.
They have infinite ammo, incredible skills,
Some of their fragmovies might give you chills.

Long time ago they were completely forgotten,
Their brotherhood disbanded, servers were broken.
It later happened that a fella named Toaster,
Opened the forum and put his beer on a coaster.

It was a dark shady website with a little no life,
All that was left was a post about knife.
Toaster then shouted: “Why the fuck not!?”
As he came up with a nice little thought.

Let’s make a reunion, once and for all,
To not let the dragon, so mighty and tall,
Shatter our fellowship for the second time,
It took me so long to come up with this rhyme.

Dust off copies of our beloved game, Call of Duty 4, cause we're coming in hot!

After many months of silence, Fragkings is hosting a reunion. We've prepared the reunion internally (among FK members) and now officially reveal it to general public, to all of you - friends of our community.

Dates: June 7th / 14th / 21st / 28th
Time: 17:00 GMT till early in the morning 8-)
Communication: Teamspeak - "" (IP adress)

Servers: - Competitive promod (old #3) - FK perk special (old #2) - Classic Call of Duty 4

Rules and manners throughout the proposed reunion nights stay the same as on forums and our ex-servers. In other words, cheat and you will get hit with banhammer. No raging, swearing, racism, you know the deal.

See you on Teamspeak and ingame, you better bring in a second mag, cause you gonna need it. Happy fragging!

List of signed up Fragkings members so far:

Toaster, eStecko, Chege, a5ad, bl0m5t3r, Ahmed, Mrbrooks, Calv, Kelevra, Chrisfm94, Darthmaim, catt0, tekz, Fighter, csniper, Chilled Koala, geyseks, Abz, Cheezzhead, Beer'n'COD, linkup, sailormoon, drieske, Crapper, Srbak, tobbe, loogee, SuPaDADY, lederp, Aminov, Thunder, soljaNOOB, Nishi, Crack
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Re: Fragkings Reunion

Postby bl0m5t3r » 29 May 2016, 02:02

Bring it on!


Im not pro Jugger. Im anti-whining. Theres a major difference.(c) MrBrooks
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