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new cod4 mods.

Postby bl0m5t3r » 04 Nov 2016, 22:31

Just came across this:

seems the community continues. 8-)

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Re: new cod4 mods.

Postby BloodLetter » 05 Nov 2016, 16:23

I've been playing a little on this. It does work fine. Can't wait to play the remaster, though.
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Re: new cod4 mods.

Postby catt0 » 08 Nov 2016, 13:45 ... er-hosters
These conditions are imo unacceptable. As much as I support FOSS, this makes your software less free than some commercial software.
The AGPL is already quite restrictive, but using it only as an library seems to be possible without releasing source code (I am not a lawyer, so don't treat this as legal advice). However they state you must release anything, in source, that builds not even on top, but on the side of their project.
At first glance this looked like a nice project to contribute some of the code in our plugin to, but I'd rather release my code into the public domain under WTFPL than restricting it with any form of GPL.
/copyright/copyleft rant

Back to topic:
This looks really awesome. I might download it and see which exploits they fixed. Also I am interested in their plugin API, this is something I always wanted for our plugin, but coding it is a lot of work. Also I want ot see if they handle gsc overrides ;)
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Re: new cod4 mods.

Postby Dunized » 15 Nov 2016, 03:53

This is actually pretty cool.
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