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The Hall of Fame

Postby bubbles » 17 Jun 2010, 21:13

Welcome to the Hall of Fame!

Here you can view all past/current holders of any tournaments and competitions held by FK.
Well done too all that make it here!

FK Summer Event - Nomod Cup (by Cheezzhead and Toaster, 12th August, 2012)

Winner - Lego Steppers (Lederp, Fighter!, eStecko, Cheezzhead, Bam, Teammanager: tEEkz)
2nd Place - Team Kaos (Palerider, Benjam, Chege, Geyseks, SToRM1)

FK Summer Event - Promod Cup (by Cheezzhead and Toaster, 11th August, 2012)

Winner - JIN13 (reaLyq, kaufi, yoOzr, auroraa, miteu, famzye)
2nd Place - Lego Steppers (Lederp, Fighter!, eStecko, Cheezzhead, Bam, Bum Fluff, Teammanager: tEEkz)
3rd Place - HEY FRUITS (soljaNOOB, huawa, tEEkz, csniper, Sp4rkZZy)

FK Promod vs. FK Nomod (by Cheezzhead, 3rd September, 2011)

Winner - Team Nomod (Ahmed, C. Sniper, caruso, Crapper, Hak knak, huawa, LowLandZ, MrBrooks, Sadhubaba, SoljaNOOB, SrBAK)
'FK's King of Nomod' Award - MrBrooks
'FK's King of Promod' Award - mEEzz
'FK's King of Strike' Award - SoljaNOOB
'FK's King of Crash' Award - huawa
'FK's Highest Hitter' Award - SoljaNOOB
'FK's Best Overall Player' Award - huawa

Fragmovie Contest - Summer 2011 (by C. Sniper, 14th August, 2011)

Winner - |FK|Bl00d'z
2nd Place - reaLyq

FK Creative Contest - Spring 2011 (by eltra, 8th May, 2011)

Winner - |FK|Benjam
2nd Place - |FK|Pedro

FK Sabotage 5v5 No-Mod (by The Events Team, 18th July, 2010)

Winner - HEY (Pinapple, Apple, Banana, Plumkin, Peach)
2nd Place - Crappers Collective (Crapper, Bl0m5ts3r, Knorbert, MrSmith, C. Sniper)
3rd Place - Sexy Bitches (AbZ, Hak Nak, Chrisfm94, Cheezzhead, Naked Solja)

FK TDM 3v3 Pro-Mod (by The Events Team, 3rd July, 2010)

Winner - HEY (Huawa, Solja, Mako)
Tied - Quicktime (AbZ, Cheezz, Sadhu)
Tied - Stx (t3st, jacI<, n2uke)

FK S&D 3v3 Cup (by Cooleronie, 6th March, 2010)

Winner - BZERO (Huawa, Solija, Kani)
2nd Place - Team FKMix 5 (Bam, chrisfm94, AbZ)

FK FFA Cup (by Cooleronie, 7th Febuary - 20th Febuary, 2010)

Winner - Cooleronie - 96 Kills
2nd Place - Kingjr - 91 Kills
3rd Place - Bam - 85 Kills
Runner Up - Rakshiel - 69 Kills

FK Image Contest (by Knorbert, 9th January, 2010)

Winner - |FK|chrisfm94
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