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Re: Titanfall

Postby eStecko » 19 Nov 2014, 22:12

Content Update #8 was released for Titanfall. Click this URL for full patch notes.

Join us in Game Update #8 tomorrow or 10/23 on Xbox One and PC. Servers should start updating around 4PM CET and can take a handful of hours to reach everyone around the globe. See you online!

Important notes:
  • Added 4-man co-op horde mode.
  • This mode adds new AI enemies exlusivly for co-op: Sniper Spectres, Cloak Drones, Suicide Spectres, Nuclear Titans, Mortar Titans and melee-resistant Arc Titans.
  • Added Competitive Mode.
  • To access this feature, you need to be a Gen10 or wait until next month when metrics get in.
  • New Game Modes
  • Deadly Ground - Nov, 5th - Floor is covered in electro smoke, don't touch it!
  • Marked for Death Pro - Nov, 26th - Round based Marked for Death.
  • You can skip Regeneration requreiment challenge by buying a Forged Cert in the Black Market.
  • Optional graphical improvements. New AA setting, TXAA. And added Ambient Occlusion setting, HBAO.
  • Load times are now significantly faster. Decal rendering optimizations were applied.
  • Shots fired without silencers will now make you appear on the minimap of all enemy players. Previously this was only up to a distance of 4000 units.
  • Custom lobby settings improvements.
  • 2 new Titan VO's.

All content updates so far in the 3 minute video. <3

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