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Roxie the Chatbot

Postby PyRo » 06 Jul 2018, 21:52

Oooooi what's up?

So I made this chatbot for this agency I'm working for. I decided to share it here because it has a gaming element to it (RPG dialogue), which some of you may find interesting. I also kinda missed you. Kinda.

Chatbots will probably be everywhere in a couple years from now, so get ready for the imminent A.I invasion.

Its purpose is mostly content delivery, like it would normally happen via a newsletter. But you can read everything about it here:

Is anyone else involved with advertising/marketing by any chance?

Will everything I wrote be but an echo in these forums?
... but don't forget the Rizla.
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Re: Roxie the Chatbot

Postby bl0m5t3r » 14 Sep 2018, 18:42

I've been working in advertizing for the last 15 years m8. Worked a long time for DDB & Tribal, and since the last 3-4 years i've been freelancing and been working for all major agencies. Beer'n'Cod is also working in advertizing, the rest i don't know.

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