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Postby Crack » 01 Mar 2018, 16:11

Hello guys,

it's been a lon long time since I posted anything here. Checking the forums from time to time. Anyway since a couple of years I've been listening to techno and I am enjoying it really much. Since there are quite a few people from the netherlands and I am living not far from it, I figured I may ask you for some advice.

I've been to quite a few cities, including berlin, hamburg cologne and some more just to visit decent techno clubs. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of good ones in my area. Therefore I wanted to ask, if you have some suggestions on where I should go in the netherlands. Preferably near the border. I really enjoy it to be underground clubs, where its dark and kind of shady.

Some artists I really like at the moment, so you get a clue which subgenre I mean:

Charlotte de Witte
Len Faki
Nina Kraviz

I know these artists are probably the more well known ones and they ususally play at bigger events or clubs. Since there might be a lot of djs which are more unknown, I thought you guys could name some.

PS: I love to see FK is still around, even after all these years. Cheers to that!
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Re: Techno

Postby allarick » 11 Mar 2018, 11:38

I'm not such a party person but I think Amsterdam is the place to be for techno. I thought Nijmegen had some but it seems it's just a handful this year.

Take a look on Partyflock.
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Re: Techno

Postby bl0m5t3r » 10 Apr 2018, 17:28

partyflock is a good techno/dance agenda for NL, another i often check is which is global and you can search per region/city.

btw: i wouldn't classify Solomun as techno, that's more house. still good though, i like him too. (actually most artist on his label, diynamic, are pretty good)

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